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Models of Success and Sustainability.

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Frequently answered questions

We need to re-invent everything – from food and fashion to buildings and cities. So there’s innovation opportunity in all sectors.

And the companies busy playing regeneration need staff in all areas – from OHS to sales support.

Yes, energy and transport are certainly major and pressing issues. However, independent solutions modelling indicates that:

  • Energy generation is about 25% of emissions
  • Transport is around 12% of emissions
    (Project Drawdown, 2020 Review)

And that’s just atmospheric pollution – not materials, construction, agriculture and habitat.

Most governments could be doing more! AND

  • The environmental challenges we face are the result of the industrial systems that design, build and deliver the products and services we use every day. These systems are mostly run by business.
    They are regulated with varying levels of success by government – but most national governments can’t even get corporations to pay income tax!
  • Disruptive economic innovation at a global scale ( think smartphones, eCommerce) hasn’t been LED by government for decades – it’s increasingly led by entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Think back over big programs you’ve seen delivered by your national government (COVID response for example). How happy were you with the way they were run?

Government action is PART of the answer – but nowhere near all of it.

Citizen entrepreneurs, inventors and intrapreneurs have been working on solutions for decades – and today there’s a rich smorgasbord of COMMERCIAL opportunities.

So you can get a piece of the action too.

Electricity generation is about 25% of our challenge, transport about another 12%.

There are opportunities across industries from agriculture to fashion to construction.

And each of those industries employs a full range of workers – from IT to production to sales.

Renewable energy is a growth industry, anyway – with jobs from welding and cleaning to sales and customer support.

High impact opportunities are closer and more abundant than most people realise.