Think broader, act deeper, regenerate your world TODAY

Discover the hundreds of practical, proven solutions you can use to make more positive impact in your work, your community and your world.

Explore the smarter design and more powerful tools to multiply your results today AND build a better future

* No obligation / a world of possibility

Think broader, act deeper regenerate your world TODAY

Discover the hundreds of practical, proven solutions you can use to make more positive impact in your work, your community and your world.

Explore the smarter design and more powerful tools to multiply your results today AND build a better future.

* No obligation / a world of possibility

Leigh Baker - Regenerative Business Strategist

A world of high impact opportunity

“Working with Leigh was exciting…

It gave me relief from growing despair and focused me on solutions and how I can be part of spreading them. My podcast it better for it.”
Mark Spencer
Diamond Energy, Transmissions

Do you want a brighter, richer, thriving future?

Are you frustrated by slow progress on today’s urgent ecosystem challenges?

Are you worried and angry about how your future looks to be developing?

Do you question whether government alone is capable of delivering solutions?

Are you looking for new opportunities to make more positive impact, faster?

Could your career – or business – use more meaning, impact or opportunity?

Do you simply want to find smart ways to make your bit of the world better?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then a personally guided REGENERATIVE THINKING IN ACTION program could be for you.

You can’t be what you can’t see…

and if you don’t know where to look it’s a whole lot harder!

There’s a wealth of high-impact, opportunity-rich solutions scaling today. They don’t show up on most news feeds (yet). You’ll find them faster with expert advice from a guide with the experience and know-how to help you:

Understand the full spectrum of solutions scaling today…

So you can explore for the opportunities that excite and energise you.

Delight and inspire family, friends and colleagues…

Make your bit of the world better now & create opportunity for those around you.

Leverage the principles BEHIND today’s solutions…

So you have the tools to find more opportunities to make more impact.

Explore the latest high-impact innovation delivery tools…

So you know HOW to make change happen faster (without burnout).

Stand out to your customers, suppliers and colleagues …

Build a strong, authentic brand and take your impact to a whole new level.

Individual REGENERATIVE THINKING IN ACTION programs are customised to your career and industry, and will fast track you to increased impact.

Surf your way into a brighter future

Today’s top regenerative solutions are powering waves of innovation that offer trillion dollar global savings…

To access their opportunities you need to:

Think broader

For more than 50 years, innovators and entrepreneurs have been building a rich smorgasbord of profitable regenerative business solutions. 3-D regenerative design paradigms are creating opportunities across industries and professions.

There’s a rich smorgasbord of solutions already scaling today…

So you can explore for the opportunities that delight and inspire you – in your work, in your community.

Share opportunities and impact with your family and friends …

The people delivering solutions today are and inspiring, can-do crowd – make a difference for those you care about.

Act deeper

In parallel to developing a new generation of industrial technology, science has ALSO developed a new understanding of human systems and human behaviour. With them you can find root causes and build sustainable solutions, not short term fixes.

Explore what we REALLY know about human systems change

So you can get more change made with less effort, because you understand the process of change.

Start making smarter plans using better models…

Build more leverage and make a firmer place to stand as you plan to change your world.

Regenerate your world

You don’t have to wait for “the government”! You can do much more – and have more fun – than “protesting the existing system”. Be part of accelerating the commercial solutions scaling today to make your bit of the world better today.

Grow your career…

Today’s solutions are delivering great returns. They can grow your existing careers or inspire new directions.

Build your business…

Identify tested strategies and practices to grow your bottom line and your staff engagement.

Inspire your family and friends…

Make their world better today, helping them build new opportunity.

Engage your customers and suppliers…

Build a better business, a competitive edge AND a stronger brand.

Unlocking regenerative success starts with INSIGHT

There are a number of straightforward design shifts driving today’s growing wave of rewarding regenerative innovation. When you understand these principles, you will see the world of solutions offering your more opportunity.

I’ve distilled over 20 years of exploration and 30 years of industry innovation experience into

10 key regenerative business insights

They form a FREE, plain-language email series. In 12 messages over 6 weeks, you will get insight into how to spot your opportunities with:

Explanations of 10 key principles and how they apply to business strategy and practice.

Illustrations of how the principles are being applied – rich in stories and examples.

Links and sources to help you explore the principles that inspire you more deeply.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein
These straightforward principles will put you on the fast track to making more impact, faster. Use them to find new opportunities best suited to your career, your industry, your skills and your goals.

We literally have to reinvent our energy systems, our food systems, our manufacturing, our cities. EVERYTHING! You can look at this like ‘Crap, that’s a really big problem!’ I think we have to look at it as ‘Wow! What a great OPPORTUNITY!’

We CAN improve lives. We CAN reduce inequality. We CAN solve other social problems if we do it wisely. And we CAN build a better world for future generations and ourselves.

Dr Jonathan Foley, Project Drawdown

A rich smorgasbord of regenerative business innovation is on offer…

The past 50 years of science haven’t just confirmed that we have major environmental problems – they’ve ALSO delivered a wealth of commercial solutions.

There are hundreds of business opportunities ready to be accelerated. Opportunities across just about every sector, in just about every workplace. They ALSO offer rich career opportunities.

Those solutions aren’t just about “being a bit less bad”. They offer a bigger, more strategic intent – to design systems that regenerate ecosystems, communities AND business bottom lines.

Regenerative design practices and innovation delivery techniques are being combined today to generate high-impact projects in communities, SMEs, startups and corporations.

The regeneration challenge isn’t to “invent a new, magic Bandaid” – it’s to apply today’s commercial solutions in ways that meet local needs from local resources, regenerating local ecosystems and restoring local economies.

We’re going to be the world’s first restorative business – doing well BY doing good.

Ray Anderson, INTERFACE

Where are YOUR best opportunities?

The biggest regenerative design challenge is working out what you need to know to find your best opportunities – new career opportunities, new business opportunities, new community development opportunities.

There’s SO MUCH going on – and with SO MANY different names – that getting started can almost feel as overwhelming as the challenges we face.

I’m Leigh Baker

I’ve spent 30+ years working in industry. 20 of those years were in Australian factories and warehouses doing technology innovation. Then followed 10 years in coaching and writing about sustainability solutions.

In 2002 I caught what I now call “the regenerative business bug”.

What I’ve learned since then is that:

We face big challenges AND we now have all the commercial design solutions and technology we need.

The solutions we have today ALSO create great ROIs for those who invest in them strategically and consistently.

The solutions scaling today are rich in high-impact career, business and community-building opportunities.

So there’s no better time than now to join the regenerative business revolution and explore for your opportunities.

* No obligation / a world of possibility

Ready for real action today?

Because you want to make more impact, sooner?

If you’re ready to get your piece of the action, then talk to me about a focused 1-to-1 THINK ACT REGENERATE coaching and mentoring program.

I can help you find your “thing” faster – because I’m a trained coach, a highly experienced Supply Chain consultant AND a regenerative business strategist.

Explore the opportunities best suited to your career, your industry, your skills and your passion.

We’re in the early stages of a technology-led sustainability revolution with the scale of the industrial revolution and the speed of the digital revolution

Al Gore, 2018

Think Act Regenerate Podcast

Check out the Think Act Regenerate podcast…

The podcast includes summaries of my regenerative business approach, along with interviews and stories giving examples and inspiration.

So search for THINK ACT REGENERATE on your favourite platform today.