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Today’s rich smorgasbord of regenerative innovation offers a wealth of career, business and community development opportunities.

This range of great opportunities has been quietly growing. But your chances of seeing them in mainstream news feeds full of disaster, blame and denial are pretty low.

Yet just about every business and every career has hidden opportunities to “do well BY doing good”.

You DON’T need a degree in Environmental Science – you just need the insight to know WHERE to look and WHAT to look for.

What hides these opportunities?

What gets a lot of coverage – problems – hides a lot of what IS happening. So a rich smorgasbord of commercial solutions is hidden by endless “everybody knows” messages like:

This environment thing is up to big government and big business…

Sustainable business is boring, dull, expensive and all about compliance…

You need to lots of new, difficult, technical knowledge to do anything…

Uncover a world of regenerative opportunity today

These understandings might well have been true 30 years ago – but not today.

Over 50 years of invention, development, commercialisation and innovation have delivered a wealth of solutions with increasingly attractive returns on investment (ROI).

So if you’re an entrepreneurially minded business owner, employee or community-minded citizen, you can apply commercial solutions today that make your world better today.

And if you make smart, well-informed, strategic choices, then those solutions can be as good for your personal future as they are for your world.

You can’t see what you don’t know to look for

A new design perspective PLUS inspiring practical examples can make a big difference, especially when they’re delivered clearly:

In straightforward business language.

Without too much technical detail too soon.

With clear examples that create understanding.

Plus practical, actionable next steps.

Supported by accessible sources and resources.

The commercial solutions for today’s urgent issues are available in the market – TODAY!

And today’s smart technology means you can access a world to tools and techniques to get your piece of the action – TODAY!

The FREE Think Act Regenerate INSIGHTS will help you get started finding new opportunities – TODAY!

To uncover your best regenerative opportunities you need to:

Understand the new game

The smarter design principles and practices that uncover better opportunity.

Know where to look

So you can see new strategies and tactics to give you better results and more impact.

Apply better tools

The right tools that enable you to benefit faster from proven strategies and tactics.

With more insight you can…

Think more broadly about challenges – and YOUR opportunities.

Act deeper, developing strategies that increase your impact.

Regenerate your business, your career and your community.

Leading edge business managers, designers and entrepreneurs have been quietly building, testing and scaling solutions that create competitive advantage since the 1990s.

Their strategies are proving successful – everywhere from Morwell to Madagascar.

There’s a wealth of great strategies, good ideas and accessible action already happening – along with great results. Once you tune into them you can create your own local opportunities in your supply chain and your community.

What do the Think Act Regenerate INSIGHTS offer?

Broader thinking about today’s opportunities – tuned to the needs of real business strategy and innovation.

Deeper action opportunities for solving root cause problems and delivering win/win/win solutions.

Regeneration – opportunities to make your bit of the world better by the work you do today.

Practical insights – applicable across careers, communities, organisations SMEs and industries.

Examples and stories illustrating real world solutions and results in communities and businesses.

30+ years of experience and research distilled into 10 straightforward insights (in 12 emails).

Are the Think Act Regenerate INSIGHTS for you?

The INSIGHTS could well be useful if you answer “yes” to questions like these:

Are you an entrepreneurial, innovative thinker – ready to invest when there’s significant potential?

Do you think that restoring the ecosystems that deliver your food, water, air and weather might be worth doing?

Are you ready to look for opportunities beyond what “everybody knows” about the world?

Are you ready to look for opportunities beyond what “everybody knows” about the world?

Does the notion of government-designed and delivered “solutions” quietly scare your socks off?

No doom, no gloom, no blame, no shame. This is about “is it better?” and “is it more fun?” and “is it a game worth playing?”

The world’s innovators and entrepreneurs have been busy for decades. The results of their work are now commercial, scaling AND accelerated by today’s global communication networks,

Find out what you’re missing out on TODAY…

Access 30 years of supply chain and business insight

Hello, I’m Leigh Baker

I’m a business analyst turned writer and regenerative business strategist.

When I started my sustainability adventure back in 2002, it was almost by accident.

At the time, I’d started working as a management coach after more than 20 years as a supply chain consultant and systems analyst.

So when I did encounter the practical, positive, solutions side of sustainability I was excited and inspired.

I’m an ideas junkie, so I dived into the world of innovation – Natural Capitalism, The Natural Step and more.

I kept looking for the “short version” – something that my busy executive clients could fit into their huge reading load.

The INSIGHTS email series began as a book…

Because I just could NOT find the book I wanted, in 2009 I wrote one – THE DEEP GREEN PROFIT HANDBOOK.

It took me just 92 pages to distill the super-effective systems design principles driving regenerative business innovation around the world into straightforward business terms.

Solutions kept multiplying – and a book couldn’t keep up…

In 2018 I turned the book into a 12-email series called the Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS – with 10 principles, an introduction and some “next steps”.

Then in 2023, I updated the email series again, to bring them to a broader audience as the Think Act Regenerate INSIGHTS.

So that’s how the Think Act Regenerate INSIGHTS have evolved (so far).

Explore ways to get your piece of the wealth of solutions action

The Think Act Regenerate INSIGHTS are a practical way to start exploring the solutions we have today that make the world better today.