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You’re starting a whole new adventure on the fun side of sustainability.

How the application process works

  • The starting point is for you to tell me a bit about your situation and your goals.
    How? You fill out as much of the form below as you’re comfortable with.
  • When you submit the form, it will automatically take you to my booking page to book our induction call.
  • On our induction call, we work through the admin of call frequency, times, etc. We also work out payment details.
  • While you’re waiting for the induction call, you can use the additional questionnaires and resources on the post-booking page to further clarify your goals.

What are you interested in?

This short questionnaire will help you clarify what your goals are and the impact that you want to have in the world. Tell me as much (or as little) as you’re comfortable with.

The contents are just a guide to me for our call – they live in my Inbox until we’ve talked, then I delete them. They don’t go to anyone else for any other purpose.

They add value for you because the more I know about you, the more effectively I can share the knowledge you need to dive in and make a difference.