(Recorded prior to Think Act Regenerate launch in 2024)

In this episode, Leigh Baker talks with Bob Sharon, founder of BlueIoT about Smart Building Management systems and how they are delivering significant Climate Solutions (along with new career opportunities for engineers and developers).

Big buildings consume a lot of energy, creating a lot of emissions. Smart Building Management is a fast-growing field of opportunity to: substantially reduce greenhouse emissions increase building comfort for occupants reduce building running costs.

Climate solutions are exciting opportunities. We live in a world where most of the mainstream media coverage on climate action is focused on either: high-level action where big government and big business do big things; OR low-level actions asking ordinary consumers to use less or spend more on expensive alternatives. That’s barely beginning of the story.

Those two over-worked themes are like the pastry layers on a vanilla slice – necessary, but not the main event. There’s actually a wealth of accessible action when you get out and start looking for problems that need solving and the opportunities they create. Solving the challenges we face has created a quiet design revolution – and one piece of the action is smarter building management for a brighter future.

BlueIot is in the business of developing and delivering platforms and integrations for smart buildings & cities environmental management. Through their platform, they enable substantial reductions in risk, carbon footprint, energy, maintenance and operational costs while improving safety, OHS, cyber security, health & wellness, human comfort and productivity. They have developed and leverage a range of leading edge technologies, platforms, sensors of all descriptions combined with data analytics and interpretation, machine learning and AI.

In this interview, founder Bob Sharon tells stories of their adventure so far.


Blue IoT is a Melbourne based property technology business: blueiot.com.au

The Citizen’s Climate Lobby is an international nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy climate change organization focused on policies to address climate change. citizensclimatelobby.org

Project Drawdown is an independent body modelling and ranking existing, commercial climate soultions. Drawdown.org/solutions

The built environment solutions Drawdown has ranked include:

  • Smart Thermostats
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Insulation
  • Dynamic Glass
  • High-Performance Glass
  • Green and Cool Roofs
  • District Heating
  • High-Efficiency Heat Pumps
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Low-Flow Fixtures
  • Building Retrofitting
  • Net-Zero Buildings  


Original music and audio editing by Ian Hopkinson, Human Hacker and serial digital entrepreneur.


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