The original name of this podcast evolved out of discussions with Climactic podcast host Mark Spencer (well before our 2023 update to Think Act Regenerate).

That original name – REGENOMICS – was a mashup of three ideas:

RE – because the best solutions are REgional

GEN – because the best solutions  reGENerate the place they happen in (not just reduce the harm being done there)

OMICS – because the best solutions create better economic outcomes (especially to their regional economies)

Down Under – because our focus is our region – Australia and New Zealand – with stories from across the Pacific, through the “global south” and around the world. We have the solutions – and they’re spreading

This show explores the wealth of actionable climate solutions that are being delivered “down under” by citizen-innovators in local communities  and business organisations across our region.

Show host Leigh Baker of leverages decades of supply chain experience and a passion for practical solutions that goes WAY beyond “everybody knows”. We talk about the solutions and the climate solutionists playing the regeneration game.


Original music and audio editing by Ian Hopkinson, Human Hacker and serial digital entrepreneur.


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