In this episode of Regenomics Down Under, we take a quick (ish) tour through the Project Drawdown 2020 review, summarising their action areas and connecting them to actions happening in Australia and around the world. 

We explore quantified, evidence-based solutions for reversing global warming through: Improving society Supporting carbon sinks Reducing emissions Reducing emissions is much more interesting than solar panels and electric vehicles. Currently our global emissions come from:

~25% Electricity Production
~24% Food, Agriculture & Land Use
~21% Industry
~14% Transportation
~6% Buildings
~10% Other Energy-Related Emissions – leaking gas pipe lines and the like 

So reducing emissions covers all those sectors – Food, Agriculture, Land Use, Industry, and Buildings – they all have a role to play alongside electricity generation and transport. There is a whole smorgasbord of commercial climate solutions already scaling – solutions that regenerate ecosystems and communities as well as our atmosphere. A whole heap are happening down under, too.  Here’s an intro to help you find your piece of the action.


Drawdown 2020 Review:

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Food waste statistics: 14 percent of the world’s food is lost before it even reaches the market. 

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